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    Is the Browning Hi Power a good defense gun for me?

    What about putting a buffer in my Hi Power?  Does this really do anything and can it affect reliability?

    What to Look for if Buying a Used Hi Power

    Does it Hurt the Springs to leave the Hammer Cocked or the Magazine Fully Loaded?

    Why should I buy a Browning Hi Power?

    How should I store my loaded Hi Power at home?

    What About the 1911 in 9mm?

    What company makes the best 1911 in your opinion?

    What handloads have you found that shoot well in the 9mm Hi Power?

    What about "clean" vs. "dirty" loads in my pistols? What's the best to use?

    What do you know about Aguila 9mm ammo?  Is it any good?

    What do you think of  "express" sights for handguns, specifically the Browning Hi Power or CZ-75?

    How do I remove the bushing from my Hi Power?

    Is the forty-caliber Hi Power a better gun for protection than the 9mm Hi Power?

    Is JSP ammo better for defense than JHP?

    What about Hornady XTP Handgun Ammunition?

    Is 9mm a "good" caliber for protection?  I'm told it's great by some and no good by others.

    What are your favorite loads for self-protection?

    How does the Mk II differ from the Mk III?

    How Does .38 Super Compare to 9mm?

    Why Do You Favor a Heavier Recoil Spring?

    What is the little "nub" or protrusion on the rear of the Hi Power barrel above the chamber?

    What about using handloads for defense?

    Browning Hi Power Hammer Safety Problems

    Are lightweight versions of the same pistol harder to shoot than the heavier steel one?

    What gun is best for me?

    What is the Best Handgun?

    How do you test bullets for expansion and penetration?

    What are your personal choices for self-defense handguns?

    What is the purpose of the handgun?

    I only want two automatics, a .22 and a centerfire.  I'm torn between 9mm and .45.

    Which brand 1911 is your choice?

    What's the deal with Winchester 9mm Silvertip JHP's?

    I want a gun for home protection.  What should I get?

    I bought a Colt Government Model .45, but I am not comfortable carrying it cocked-and-locked. 

    Why does my Browning Hi Power not eject the last fired case?

    Which is best: CZ-75 or Browning Hi Power?

    Look, Listen, but Make Up Your Own Mind!

    The Effective Defense Gun

    What do you know about the SFS set-up on the Hi Power?

    Self-Defense: Caliber or Capacity?

    What about Moly-Fusion? (Evaluation of Moly-Fusion from Shooter Solutions)

    I am not really into shooting but want a handgun for home protection. What do you suggest?

    Is it better to be a good target or combat shot?

    Which is the Best 1911 Grip Safety, GI or Beavertail?

     Frequently Asked Questions on Defense Handguns and Stopping Power

    What about Corbon Pow'R Ball in .380 ACP?

    What about limp wristing?

    Should I use a Plug on my Glock or Not?

    Do 9mm Glocks have Adequate Case Support?

    Will Dropping the Slide with the Slide Stop Lever Hurt my Glock?

     What is meant by Double and Single Action?

     When is a Handgun Accurate?

     Does My Hi Power have a Cast or Forged Frame?

     What Handguns Do You Personally Use for Home Defense?

     What is a "Hungarian Makarov"?

     Which is Best: Glock 17 or 19?

     Why No 45-Caliber Hi Powers?

     Why Do Some Hi Powers Have Serial Numbers in Multiple Places?

     Are Glock Pistols Unsafe?

     Will S&W J-Frame Airweights Hold Up to Regular Practice?

     What is the BEST Handgun (Caliber and Load) for Self-Defense?

     Why Can't I Find Matte Finished Small Parts for my Mk III?

     My Hi Power Will Not Feed JHP's?  What can I do?

    What's Best for Me: FNX9 or Glock 19?

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